6 Websites Every #bosslady should Read Every Day


Photo cred: @thedaydesigner via Instagram

As a high achieving professional woman, I’m sure you are constantly craving new information and new ways of learning.  If you’re like me, 99% of the information you take in on a daily basis comes from some online platform or another.

Below are my list of 6 sites that every overachieving, high-performing woman should at least browse on a daily basis.  They cover topics from career advice, to finances, to recruiting services.

Of course there are tons more out there, but here are  my favs at the moment:

The Boss Network:  Connect with a network of entrepreneurial women through virtual support and networking.

Colored Girl Confidential:  A collective of ambitious women whose mission is to help you achieve  more income, more impact and more influence.

Women for Hire: Website geared toward recruitment and career services for high caliber, working women.

The Daily Muse: A web source for young professionals that offers pertinent advice on the working world.

Black Enterprise: A digital and print magazine geared toward educating people on a variety of lifestyle topics.

Lean in: Dedicated to continuing Sheryl Sandberg’s movement to urge women to achieve high levels of success despite gender inequality.

Happy Reading!

Dorianne St Fleur

KIR Consulting Group



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